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Embassy Information

The Embassy represents Iceland in Denmark (incl. Greenland).

The Embassy in Copenhagen is in addition accredited to Bulgaria, Romania and Turkey. There are 16 Honorary Consulates in these countries. Information about each consulate can be found below.

Copenhagen is host to 17 foreign embassies that are accredited to Iceland as well.

Embassy of Iceland in Copenhagen


Strandgade 89

DK-1401 København K

Phone: +45-3318 1050



Open all week days from 09:00 - 16:00

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Ágúst EinarssonPriestagust.einarsson@utn.stjr.is
Benedikt JónssonAmbassadorbenedikt.jonsson@utn.stjr.is
Guðrún Rósa GunnsteinsdóttirAdministrative Officergudrun.gunnsteinsdottir@utn.stjr.is
Kristín KristjánsdóttirAdministrative and Consular Affairs Officerkristin.kristjansdottir@utn.stjr.is
Marta JónsdóttirCounsellormarta.jonsdottir@utn.stjr.is
Stefanía K. BjarnadóttirTrade and Cultural Representativestefania.bjarnadottir@utn.stjr.is
Viðar BirgissonReceptionvidar.birgisson@utn.stjr.is


Benedikt Jónsson

Curriculum Vitae


Reykjavík, Iceland, November 25, 1954


  • 1982 - M.A. hons. (Pol. Science)
  • 1979 - B.A. hons. (History, Pol. Science, Philosophy)

Professional Background

  • 2014 - Ambassador of Iceland to Denmark, Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey
  • 2009 - Ambassador of Iceland to the Court of St James’s, Ireland, Malta, Portugal
  • 2008 - Permanent Secretary of State, Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Reykjavik
  • 2006 - Ambassador and Chief Negotiator, Directorate of External Trade, Ministry  for Foreign Affairs, Reykjavík
  • 2001 - Ambassador to the Russian Federation, Moscow. Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan
  • 1997 - Ambassador, Permanent Representative to the United Nations Office and other International Organizations in Geneva, including WTO and EFTA. Chief negotiator for EFTA in free trade negotiations with Mexico and Chile. Chairman of WTO Committee on Least Developed Countries
  • 1995 - Ambassador and Deputy Permanent Secretary of State, Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Reykjavík
  • 1991 - Minister-Counsellor and Head of Department, Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Reykjavík
  • 1988 - Counsellor, Embassy of Iceland, Paris
  • 1988 - Deputy Permanent Representative, Council of Europe
  • 1987 - First Secretary, Embassy of Iceland, Paris and Deputy Permanent Representative to OECD and UNESCO
  • 1984 - First Secretary, Embassy of Iceland, Moscow
  • 1983 - First Secretary, Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Reykjavík

Married to

Aðalheiður Óskarsdóttir. Four children, Pall, Stefania, Greta and Bjarki


Benedikt Jónsson, Icelandic ambassador to Denmark
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