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Mar 11, 2021Blá ör til hægriWebinar on Combatting Climate Change with Green Solutions in Iceland
Nov 27, 2019Blá ör til hægriExhibition in Brussels dedicated to the EEA Grants
Nov 15, 2019Blá ör til hægriTwo Pillar System of the EEA Agreement discussed at a Seminar in Brussels
Jul 19, 2019Blá ör til hægriEmbassy/Mission at a new location
Jun 02, 2019Blá ör til hægriThe Embassy in Brussels is moving to new premises
Feb 08, 2019Blá ör til hægriAgreement reached on citizens‘ rights in case of a no-deal Brexit
Oct 05, 2018Blá ör til hægriAmbassador Palsson presents his credentials

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