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Ministry of Health

COVID-19: Seating requirement in all licensed premises

The Minister of Health has approved a proposal from the Chief Epidemiologist obliging all premises with alcoholic beverage licences to provide seats for all guests, and guests normally to be seated as is the case in restaurants and cafes. A regulation setting this out will take effect on Monday, 28 September 2020; as of the same date, the temporary closure of bars and night-clubs in the metropolitan area will be lifted, though with the condition that such enterprises observe the seating requirement. In accordance with the Chief Epidemiologist’s recommendations, the other restrictions on gatherings have been extended without amendment for the next three weeks, until and including 18 October.

Recommendations on air quality and noise levels

The Chief Epidemiologist’s memorandum to the minister contained a summary of the main rules applying in various places and occupations regarding measures to combat infection, with the reasoning behind them. Amongst other things, it is recommended that operators of night-clubs, licenced premises, bars and gaming establishments ensure good air quality and avoid high noise levels. It is pointed out that loud music makes it necessary for people to talk loudly, which in turn raises the likelihood of infection via airborne moisture droplets.


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