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COVID-19: Restrictions on gatherings as of 25 July

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As of Sunday 25 July, general limit of gatherings in Iceland will be 200 persons and social distancing rules will take effect again. These are the main measures introduced in a new regulation from the Minister of Health regarding restrictions on gatherings due to COVID-19. The regulation will be in place for a short period of time while the large increase in infections in recent days are being addressed. These measures are in line with the Chief Epidemiologist’s recommendations.

It is considered important to step in with restrictions as soon as possible to curb the spread of infection. With widespread infections among vulnerable groups, serious consequences are considered likely. 

In accordance with recommendations from the Chief Epidemiologist, preparations have already begun to offer those who have been vaccinated with the Janssen vaccine a second vaccination in August. Individuals with underlying immune problems and those who are considered to have insufficient protection against COVID-19 after two doses will also be offered a third dose of vaccine.

The restrictions on gatherings will take effect on 25 July and remain in force until 13 August.

The main restrictions on gathering as of 25 July:

  • The general limit of gatherings will be 200 persons. Children born in 2016 and after will be exempt.
  • The social distance rule will generally be 1 meter. Children born in 2016 and after will be exempt. 
  • Facemasks: A requirement to wear face masks will be introduced indoors and where it is not possible to maintain the 1-meter rule. Children born in 2006 and later will be exempt. 
  • The maximum number of customers in stores will be 200 persons. 
  • Fitness centres, swimming pools and bathing facilities will be allowed to be open to 75% of the maximum number of allowed guests. Common equipment should be disinfected between users.
  • Museums can admit 75% of the maximum number of allowed guests.
  • Sports exercises and tournaments for children and adults will be allowed, with and without contact, with a maximum number of 100 people. Maximum number of spectators will be 200 persons in each compartment and in numbered seats. Sale of refreshments will not be permitted at venues.
  • Stage performances and comparable activities and functions are allowed with up to 100 persons on stage. Maximum number of guests will be 200 persons in each compartment, such as in cinema. Intermissions will be allowed, but refreshments may not be sold during breaks. Guests must be in numbered seats.
  • The maximum number of people taking part in the activities of religious and philosophical organisations will be 200. 
  • Restaurants, bars etc. will close at 23:00 (places must be emptied before midnight) and the maximum number of guests will be 100 persons in each compartment. Alcoholic beverages shall be served to seated customers. Guests must be registered.
  • Campsites and caravan sites must follow instructions from the Chief Epidemiologists and the Icelandic Tourist Board.


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