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  • January 28. 2014 Ministry for Foreign Affairs

    Cooperation with the Fulbright Commission in Arctic studies

    The Ministry for Foreign Affairs and the Fulbright Commission have signed an agreement to set up a Fulbright scholar grant in Arctic Studies. Through this agreement the Ministry for Foreign Affairs ...

  • January 22. 2014 Ministry of Industries and Innovation

    Orkustofnun grants a third licence in the Dreki Area

    The licence is granted to CNOOC Iceland ehf. as operator with 60 % share, Eykon Energy ehf with 15 % share and Petoro Iceland AS with 25 % share. CNOOC Iceland ehf. is a daughter company of CNOOC In...

  • January 14. 2014 Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs

    Treasury finances January-November 2013

    Statistics for Treasury finances for January-November 2013 are now available. Treasury finances January-November 2013 (PDF 50 KB)

  • January 08. 2014 Ministry for Foreign Affairs

    Nordic Playlist: The new path to Nordic music

    A new online platform compiling the most influential and cutting edge music from the Nordic countries was launched this week on the web. Nordic Playlist makes it easy to discover and stay updated ...

  • January 08. 2014 Ministry for Foreign Affairs

    Nordic solidarity in a changing world

    In our increasingly interdependent world all of us are affected by climate change and other global developments that have brought new challenges and opportunities. Based on many studies, the Nordic co...

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