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Robert Spano elected to the Board of the Register of Damage for Ukraine

Robert Spano of Iceland was today elected to serve on the Board of the Register of Damage caused by the Aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine. The election took place at the meeting of Participants of the Enlarged Partial Agreement on the Register of Damage for Ukraine that took place in Strasbourg. Of the members of the Board elected today, Robert Spano obtained the second highest number of cotes along with the Italian candidate. 

“The Register of Damage was one of the main outcomes of the Reykjavík Summit for the benefit of Ukraine and a significant step towards ensuring accountability for the aggression of Russia against Ukraine. It is critical that the continued establishment of the Register of Damage is successful, and we are pleased that an experienced Icelandic expert can contribute to that end,” says Minister for Foreign Affairs of Iceland, Bjarni Benediktsson. 

The Register is established for an initial period of three years and will serve as a record of evidence and claims information on damage, loss or injury caused by the Russian aggression against Ukraine. It paves the way towards a future international comprehensive compensation mechanism for the victims of the Russian aggression.

At the Reykjavík Summit on 16-17 May 2023, 44 leaders signed the Register of Damage for Ukraine that is a part of the Council of Europe’s framework but located in the Hague, the Netherlands. 


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