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Ministry for Foreign Affairs

Iceland co-leads the Demining Coalition

Iceland is among 20 countries that intend to support Ukraine in mine detection and clearance, with a declaration of intent signed in Brussels yesterday in connection with the NATO Defense Ministers' meeting.

The group will oversee support for Ukraine related to mine detection and clearance, including funding projects, training, and purchasing equipment. Lithuania and Iceland co-lead the Demining coalition , and  will participate in the management and advisory council of the group that will define the strategy for the upcoming projects.

"It is a great honour for us Icelanders to participate in leading this immensely important project for Ukraine alongside Lithuania, which is our close ally. Our knowledge will save the lives of Ukrainians on the battlefield in their fight against Russia," says Bjarni Benediktsson, Minister for Foreign Affairs. "This once again proves how small nations like ours can contribute to supporting Ukraine."

In collaboration with the Nordic countries and Lithuania, Iceland has led training projects for Ukraine in mine detection and clearance since late 2022, the training is conducted in Lithuania. The special operations unit of the Icelandic Coast Guard, along with the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, oversees the training project.


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