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Recent technological developments have resulted in the continuous growth of knowledge-based industries and services. The five fastest-growing industrial sectors in Iceland over the past few years have been in the information and communication technology (ICT) industry: health technologies (including pharmaceuticals), biotechnology, genetics, biomedical engineering and IT-based equipment production for food processing. After years of effort, developments in these fields have progressed from research to profitable operations. These industries have shown that the boundaries between traditional economic sectors and research institutions are gradually disappearing. The Ministry promotes closer links between industry on one hand, and universities and research institutions on the other, through increased innovation efforts, with the objective that public research funding should yield more economic returns.

Useful Links:

The Industrial Act No. 42/1978

  • Information for Tradesmen and Others
  • Recognition of the Right of Foreigners to Work as Tradesmen in Industry in Iceland
  • Regulation No. 940/1999 respecting Authorized Branches of Industry
  • Regulation No. 495/2001 respecting Recognition of Work and Vocational Training in Industry in Another EEA State 

Act respecting the Authorization of Several Professional Titles of Specialists in Technical and Design Faculties. No 8/1996

Application for a permission to use a legally protected professional title 

Act No. 75/2007 on Government Support for Technology Research, Innovation and Industry Development

Law No. 152/2009 on support for innovation companies. 

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