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Tax treaties

Iceland has signed DTA agreements with 44 states and also signed other agreements regarding tax matters, i.e. information exchange agreements and on administrative assistance.

Double Taxation Agreements and Information Exchange Agreements (TIEA) - ath listar

Information from the OECD on Double Taxation Agreements, BEPS and MLI.


Iceland signed a FATCA agreement with the USA in Mai 2015 (IGA1). First information exchanges were in September 2015.

Information on FATCA from the IRS website

CRS and the Multilateral Convention on Administrative Assistance
Iceland has signed the Multilateral Competent Authority Agreement (Council of Europe/OECD). First information exchanges were in September 2017.
For a list of jurisdictions that have adopted multilateral convention on administrative assistance with amending protocol, see OECD list;
See also list of declarations, reservations and other communication.
Further information on CRS on OECD website


Iceland is a signatory to the competent authority agreement (CAA) on country by country (CbC) reporting, as set out in the Action 13 Report “Transfer Pricing Documentation and Country-by-Country Reporting“. Iceland has also signed a CAA on CbC with USA. Iceland will start exchanging CbC reports in September 2018.

Information on CbC on OECD website:

The Nordic Administrative Assistance Treaty

The Nordic countries (Norway, Denmark, Faroes, Greenland, Finland, Iceland and Sweden) signed a treaty on administrative assistance in 1989.

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