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Adult Education

Adult education is aimed at providing adults who have limited formal schooling suitable educational opportunities and facilitating their renewed study, as provided for in Act No. 27/2010.

Basic adult education services include three aspects, i.e. firstly, study and vocational counselling, which is a prerequisite for the other two service aspects, validation of prior learning and accreditation of study programmes. Both the valida¬tion of prior learning and accredited study programmes are aimed at validating and recognizing professional experience and opening up routes to secondary-level education, bridging programmes for Higher Education studies or the labour market.

The role of the Education Fund is defined in the Adult Education Act. According to this the Fund's objective is to promote suitable study options for adults with limited formal education. Furthermore it is to take part in creating the conditions to enable individuals to avail themselves of such study options.

Based on a service agreement with the Ministry, the Education and Training Service Centre (ETSC) is responsible for the administration of the Education Fund and its finances, as provided for in Art. 10 of Act No. 27/2010, on Adult Education.

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