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Volcanic Activity in Reykjanes

Iceland’s authorities are well prepared for seismic and volcanic activity which occurs regularly as a feature of our country’s natural geography. With Iceland straddling two major tectonic plates, fissure eruptions (often referred to as ‘Icelandic-type’) are a regular feature of life in Iceland, and typically do not result in large explosions or significant production of ash dispersed into the stratosphere. The impact is often highly localized.  

An increased number of eruptions in Iceland over recent years has attracted attention internationally, and the beauty of these have been shared around the world. However, any eruption must always be treated with the utmost respect by visitors and safety must come first.  
It is essential during your visit to Iceland that, in the event of an eruption or wider seismic activity, you follow the latest advice issued by the authorities. 

The Government of Iceland monitors any seismic and volcanic activity closely in collaboration with the Department of Civil Protection and Emergency Management and the Icelandic Meteorological Office, local authorities and partners across industry, travel and tourism.   

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Frequently asked questions:

If you are in Iceland when an eruption occurs, do not approach the site for your own safety and respect any closures put in place by the authorities. 

The latest information on closures and affected areas can be found on the Safe Travel website.


For the latest travel advice and further updates, please see Visit Iceland’s website.

The status of international travel including flights to Iceland can be found on the website of Keflavik Airport or the airport in Iceland to which you are travelling. 

You should also contact your hotel or travel agency for any further updates relevant to your itinerary.    

Iceland is generally well prepared to deal with seismic and volcanic activity, which is a regular feature of life in our country. 

For the latest updates on travel within Iceland, including road routes to Iceland’s airports, visit SafeTravel.


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