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The Science and Technology Policy Council's Motivation Award

Icelandic Research Fund

The role of the Icelandic Research Fund is to support research in all fields of science in Iceland. To this end, the Fund provides grants for specified research projects conducted by individuals, research teams, higher education institutions, research institutions and businesses. Grants from the Research Fund shall be awarded in accordance with the general priorities of the Science and Technology Policy Council and on the basis of a professional evaluation of the quality of the research projects, the competence of the persons carrying out the research and the resources at their disposal to execute the project. Decisions on the allocation of grants must be based on the professional evaluation. Rannís is responsible for the administration of the fund. 

Technology Development Fund

The Technology Development Fund operates under the auspices of the Minister of Tourism, Industry and Innovation. Its role is to support development and research work in the field of technological development which aims to further innovation in the Icelandic economy. The Technology Development Fund finances innovation projects in accordance with the overall policy of the Science and Technology Policy Council. The Minister of Industry and Commerce may issue a regulation further providing for the operation of the Technology Development Fund. Rannís handles the safekeeping, administration and operation of the fund under a contract with the Minister of Industry and Commerce.

Infrastructure Fund

The role of the Infrastructure Fund is to support the development of research infrastructure in Iceland. The Infrastructure Fund shall provide grants for the purchase of equipment, databases and software, and of any other material considered important for progress in the field of research.

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