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Science Board

The Science and Technology Policy Council sets the official science and technology policy for a three-year period. The Council's deliberations in each of the two fields are prepared by its working committees, the Science Board and the Technology Board.

The Minister of Education, Science and Culture appoints members of the Science and Technology Policy Council to the Science Board, on the Council's nominations, including the Board's chair and vice chair. The Minister of Industry and Commerce appoints the Technology Board in the same way.

The two boards shall consult with each other on matters that are of importance for the policy work of the Science and Technology Policy Council.

Composition of the Science Board:

  • Ragnhildur Helgadóttir, chair – alternate Daði Már Kristófersson
  • Steinunn Gestsdóttir, vice chair – alternate Þórarinn Guðjónsson  
  • Ragnheiður H. Magnúsdóttir – alternate Elvar Knútur Valsson 
  • Ari Kristinn Jónsson – alternate Fríða Björk Ingvarsdóttir 
  • Ásdís Jónsdóttir – alternate Stefán Baldursson 
  • Eyjólfur Guðmundsson– alternate Erla Björk Örnólfsdóttir 
  • Gunnar Haraldsson– alternate Kristján Leósson 
  • Helga Zoëga – alternate Tinna Laufey Ásgeirsdóttir 
  • Jón Atli Benediktsson – alternate Guðbjörg Linda Rafnsdóttir 
  • Karl Andersen – alternate Erla Kolbrún Svavarsdóttir

Secretary for the Science Board:

Elísabet M. Andrésdóttir, Head of International Division 
The Icelandic Centre for Research 
Borgartún 30 
105 Reykjavík  
Telephone: +(354) 515 5800

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