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Bilateral Relations

Diplomatic relations were established between Iceland and Soviet Union 1943 and in the following year Embassies were opened in Reykjavík and Moscow respectively.

The bilateral relations between the two States are based on solid mutually beneficial grounds. Regular consultations are held in the field of political affairs and extensive consultations and cooperation in economical and trade affairs, particularly on fishing issues, are ongoing.

Cultural relations between the two States are extensive and increasing. Icelandic plays and films shown in Moscow in recent years, have received a well deserved attention. The same applies also to several recent performances by Icelandic musicians in Russia.

Bilateral Treaties between the Republic of Iceland and the Russian Federation

274 25.5.1927 Agreement relating to Commerce and Navigation, entry into force 25 May 1927.
275 1.8.1953 Agreement on Trade and Payments, entry into force 1 August 1953.
278 25.4.1961 Agreement on Cooperation in the Fields of Culture, Science and Technology, entry into force 25 April 1 1961.
16/1982 2.7.1982 Agreement on Economic Co-operation, entry into force 2 July 1982.
31/1991 4.12.1991 Trade Agreement, entry into force 4 December 1991.
7/1999 11.12.1998 Air Transport Agreement, entry into force 19 February 1999.
14/1999 15.5.1999 Protocol under the Agreement between Iceland, Norway and Russia concerning Certain Aspects of Co-operation in the Area of Fisheries, entry into force 15 July 1999.
3/2003 26.11.1999 Convention for the Avoidance of Double Taxation and the Prevention of Fiscal Evasion with Respect to Taxes on Income, entry into force 21 July 2003.
26/2000 3.4.2000 Agreement on Cooperation in Fisheries, entry into force 4 September 2000.

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