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Business and Trade

The mission of the Trade Representative (TR) is to provide high quality service to Icelandic companies in Russia and other CIS countries. The TR is committed to use every opportunity to assist Icelandic companies in making known to local markets the qualities and thus the inherent value of Icelandic goods and services thereby establishing mutually beneficial relationships between buyer and seller.

The TR acts as an intermediary between Icelandic and local companies that seek business counterparts. The TR provides Icelandic companies with tailor-made business services as well as ready made and defined business service packages. The services are based on:

  • Success
  • Credibility
  • Legitimacy
  • Knowledge of local conditions
  • Closeness to valuable markets
  • Business knowledge
  • Professional conduct
  • Ability to open new doors

We invite you to visit the business service website at www.mfa.is for detailed information.

Commercial Representative of the Embassy: Ms. Ilona Vasilieva

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