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Business and Trade

The Embassy provides updated information on trade and investment possibilities between India and Iceland, and offers various commercial services.

If you have direct questions or enquiries, please contact the Embassy via email or give us a call at 91 11 4353 0300.

The Embassy provides Icelandic companies and investors various information on how to do business in India, in order to facilitate further trade between the two countries. Through its presence in New Delhi, the Embassy aims at building up solid knowledge of the current status and future prospects of different sectors of the Indian economy; monitor the development of the legal framework for bilateral trade and investment; and gain practical experience of the cultural aspects of doing business in India.

Practical advice for Icelanders travelling to India (PDF).

Understanding of the cultural setting and business etiquette is important for all trade-related activities in India (PDF).

The Embassy´s partners in India include:

The Indian Ministry of Commerce and Industry provides detailed information on foreign direct investments and rules and regulations.

The Embassy provides companies and investors in India and other countries in its jurisdiction information on trade and investment opportunities in Iceland.

Through solid knowledge of the countries' markets, the Embassy can act as a facilitator between businesses in Iceland and India.

Practical advice for Indians travelling to Iceland. (PDF)

Understanding of the cultural setting and business etiquette is important for all trade related activities in Iceland. (PDF)

Among the Embassy's partners in Iceland are the:

Questions? Send an enquiry to the Embassy.

The purpose of the "Iceland-India Business Guide" is to provide information to companies interested in doing business in Iceland and India.

The PDF version can be downloaded below. Please give the document a few moments to download.

Want to visit Iceland? The following websites provide various information on Iceland as a tourist destination. Please contact the Embassy if you have any other questions.

Indian citizens require a Schengen visa in order to visit Iceland. Indian nationals and third-country nationals who are legally present in India can apply for a Schengen visa in India. All applications will be assessed by The Embassy of Iceland in New Delhi, India.

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