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30.01.2020Blá ör til hægriHospitality and Culinary School of Iceland participates in Young Chef Olympiad in India
21.09.2018Blá ör til hægriNew Ambassador of Iceland presents credentials to President
10.02.2020Blá ör til hægriYou can apply for Schengen visas in three additional Indian cities
10.02.2020Blá ör til hægriIcelandic Composer Hildur Guðnadóttir wins Oscar for best original score
02.07.2019Blá ör til hægriAmbassador Stefánsson presents his credentials in Bangladesh
14.02.2020Blá ör til hægriAmbassador Stefansson presents credentials to the President of Nepal
13.03.2020Blá ör til hægriCORONA VIRUS INDIA UPDATE
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