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The Nordic Welfare Watch
Social Welfare and Families
Marriages and co-habitation
Further details regarding the Hague Convention
Child Abduction
Dagsetning Titill
15.02.2019  -   Reports on the Rights of the Child
23.08.2018  -   Care Quality Inspectorate for Social Services and Child Protection
11.12.2017  -   Facts about Down syndrome and pre-natal screening in Iceland
06.05.2016  -   The Nordic Welfare Watch Final Conference
07.04.2016  -   Workshop: Volunteer Organizations in Disaster at the Nordic House on April 25th 2016
09.02.2016  -   Kick off in Turku/Åbo for the Finnish Presidency and a great drive for Nordic cross-sector cooperation
26.01.2016  -   Official website for Welfare consequences of financial crises
02.10.2015  -   NEEDS - The First Northern European Conference on Emergency and Disaster Studies - December 9-11, 2015
02.10.2015  -   12th World Conference on Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion. September 18-21, 2016
11.09.2015  -   Welfare risk  – how to react to crises?
12.08.2015  -   Public lecture: Danish Disasters!
04.06.2015  -   Social Services in Times of Disaster - Multidisciplinary Nordic Symposium
24.03.2015  -   Registration for the Nordic Symposium open until March 31 
17.03.2015  -   Social Services in times of Disaster, May 4-5 2015
04.07.2013  -   Brochure on domestic violence
16.04.2013  -   Reykjavik rising: Public Service Review: Europe - Issue 25
24.11.2009  -   The International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women
03.11.2009  -   Reconciliation of work and family life - Transnational report
21.11.2007  -   Parliamentary Resolution on an action plan to improve the situation of children and young persons has been translated into English

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