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The Embassy's consular services include issuing of Icelandic passports, Icelandic driving licences, assistance in connection with illness and death and legalisation of documents.

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The Embassy receives applicants Monday - Friday.
Applicants must schedule an appointment in advance on tel. 0207 259 3999 or email [email protected].

All applicants for Icelandic passports must apply in person at the Embassy in London. Applicants under 18 must be accompanied by their parents/legal guardians. Note that Icelandic Consuls do not accept general passport applications, but they can issue emergency passports.

During an appointment, the Embassy will take a biometric photograph of applicants, fingerprints of the left and right index fingers (from age 12 and up) and an electronic signature (from age 10 and up).


What to bring to your appointment

  • - Old passport
  • - If the old passport is lost or stolen, please bring a valid Icelandic photo ID.
  • - Passport fee, payable by debit card.

Children under 18:

  • - Old passport
  • - Parents' passports
  • Consent form, signed by parents. Both parents should accompany their children. If both parents attend the appointment, the form can be signed and witnessed at the Embassy. If for some reason only one parent can attend, the form must be signed by both parents and two witnesses prior to the appointment. 
  • - Birth certificate showing the name of both parents, if applying for a child's first passport.

First passport for Icelandic citizens born abroad
Children born abroad must be registered with Registers Iceland (Þjóðskrá Íslands) as Icelandic citizens with an Icelandic ID number (kennitala) before they can be issued with a passport. Contact [email protected] for further information. 

An Icelandic citizen born abroad, who has never lived in Iceland, may lose Icelandic citizenship when reaching the age of 22. This does not apply should the person become stateless by losing Icelandic citizenship. A person may submit an application before the age of 22 to the Icelandic Directorate of Immigration to retain his/her citizenship. Contact [email protected] for further details.

Emergency passport
The Embassy and Consuls can in genuine emergencies issue temporary emergency passports for children and adults and each application is assessed on an ad hoc basis. Emergency passports are not biometric and are not accepted everywhere so please check with the Embassy of the country of your destination. 

The requirements for applying for an emergency passport for children are the same as for regular passports.

Lost and stolen passports
The loss and theft of passports should be reported to the police without delay. Also report lost and stolen passports to the Embassy or Registers Iceland by following the instructions on Registers Iceland by clicking this link. If you find your passport after it has been reported lost or stolen, it can no longer be used.

Application fee
See a list of fees under the "Fees" tab above.

Processing time

Registers Iceland currently processes passports in about four working days before posting them by general mail.

Fast-track service will take a few working days or up to a week.

Collection and delivery
Icelandic passports are processed by Registers Iceland in Reykjavik and posted directly to applicants. Applicants can also collect passports from the Embassy during opening hours or by prior appointment from their nearest Consul.

If you reside permanently in the UK, you cannot renew your Icelandic driving licence but must exchange it for a British driving licence.

Icelandic embassies can no longer accept applications for Icelandic driving licences for holders with a permanent residency in another country. You are considered a UK resident if you reside there for 185 days in a calendar year. Those who reside in the UK temporarily are exempt.

For information on how to exchange your licence, please see: Exchanging a foreign driving licence


If your Icelandic licence is lost or stolen and you wish to exchange it for a British driving licence, you must obtain written confirmation of your licence from the District Commissioner in Reykjavik (Sýslumaðurinn á höfuðborgarsvæðinu) to send with your application. Call +354 458 2000 or email [email protected].


For permanent residents of Iceland. How to apply for an Icelandic driving licence:

- Book an appointment on tel. 0207 259 3999 or email [email protected].

- Provide the Embassy with your Icelandic ID number. The Embassy will then order the relevant application form from the Icelandic police.


What to bring to your appointment:

- Valid Icelandic passport.

- Two new high quality passport photographs (in colour). Background must be white, facial expression should be neutral with mouth closed.

- Recent eye test certificate if you wear glasses.


Lost or stolen driving licence

The loss and theft of Icelandic driving licences should be reported to the police. Report the loss or theft to the Embassy of Iceland as well on [email protected] or tel. 0207 259 3999.


Provisional driving licence

Note that provisional driving licences cannot be renewed at the Embassy.

Icelandic Societies in the UK:

The Icelandic Society in London organises events for Icelanders in London.
See their Facebook groups Icelanders in London and Icelanders in London - ads.


Freyjurnar on the Humberside organises and annual thorrablot in Hull.
Icelanders in Scotland.
Icelandic Choir of London. 

Other Icelandic groups in the UK:
Icelanders in Cambridge
Icelanders in Manchester 
Icelanders in Brighton
Icelanders studying in London


The Icelandic congregation in London
The Icelandic congregation in London was founded in 1983 and hold three services annually in the Swedish Church in London in addition to a service to celebrate the 17th June in the Danish Church in Regent's Park and a services on the Humberside.

Website: https://sjofnthor.wixsite.com/the-icelandic-church

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Íslenski-söfnuðurinn-í-London-183202415052252/

For any queries, please contact:
Rev. Sjofn Muller Thor, email: [email protected]

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