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Schengen Visa for Iceland

Iceland is a member of the Schengen cooperation which exempts travelers from border controls travelling between 26 EU and EFTA states (Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein and Switzerland). A uniform Schengen visa issued by one of the Schengen states is valid for travel within the whole Schengen area. Schengen visa should be applied for at an Embassy representing the state where the main destination is within the Schengen area.

All persons requiring visas, must apply for a visa at the applicable embassy/consulate before travelling to the Schengen area. For a list of embassies/consulates which handle applications for Iceland, see here.

The validity of a uniform Schengen visa is up to 90 days.
Who needs a visa to travel to Iceland?
For a list of who needs a visa to travel to Iceland, visit the website of the Icelandic Directorate of Immigration.
How to apply for a visa to Iceland
- In the United Kingdom, Schengen visas for Iceland are arranged through the Embassy of Denmark.
- Book an appointment online with VFS Global to submit your application. Please allow plenty of time as it can take a while to get an appointment.
- For information on the visa application procedure please visit the website of the Embassy of Denmark.
Transit visa
The citizens of the following countries need a transit visa when passing through an airport in Iceland*:

- Afghanistan
- Bangladesh
- The People's Republic of Congo
- Eritrea
- Ethiopia
- Ghana
- Iran
- Iraq
- Nigeria
- Pakistan
- Somalia
- Sri Lanka
* This does not apply if the above-mentioned citizens have a residence permit in a Schengen country or if they have "Leave to remain in the United Kingdom for an indefinite period" or "Certificate of entitlement to the right of abode", and the permits are valid three months longer than the intended transiting through an airport in Iceland.

UK passport holders do not need a visa to visit Iceland. UK passports must be valid for at least the proposed stay in Iceland.

Passport validity:

- Passports and ID cards of EEA nationals (EU/EFTA) must be valid for at least the proposed stay in Iceland.

- Passports of non-EEA nationals must be valid at least three months from the date of departure from Iceland.

Entering Iceland with a national ID card:

Citizens of the following countries may enter Iceland presenting, instead of passports, national identity cards issued by the competent authorities in their countries of origin:

Austria Personalausweis
Belgium Carte d'Identité (Identiteitskaart, Personalausweis, Identity card), Identitätsdokument, Identity document issued for minors under 12 years, provided travelling with custodian.
Bulgaria Lichna karta (ЛИЧНА КАРТА, Identity card).
Cyprus Deltio Taytotitas (ΔΕΛΤΙΟ ΤΑΥΤΟΤΗΤΑΣ, Kimlik Karti, Identity Card).
Czech Republic Občanský průkaz (Czech Republic Identification Card).
Estonia Eesti Vabariik Isikutunnistus (Republic of Estonia Identity Card).
Finland: Henkilökortti (Identitetskort, Identity Card).
France Carte Nationale d'Identité.
Germany Personalausweis (Identity card, Carte d'Identite), Vorläufiger Personal­ausweis (Identity card, Carte d'identite).
Greece Deltio Taytotitas (ΔΕΛΤΙΟ ΤΑΥΤΟΤΗΤΑΣ).
Hungary Személyazonosító Igazolvány (Identity card).
Italy Carta d'Identità.
Liechtenstein Identitätskarte (Carte d'Identité, Carta d'Identità).
Lithuania Asmens tapatybés kortelé (Personal Identity Card)
Luxembourg  Carte d'Identité (Identity Card, Personalausweis).
Malta  Karta Ta'l-Identità.
Netherlands  Nederlandse Identiteitskaart (Identity card, Carte d'identité).
Portugal  Bilhete de Identidade de Cidadão Nacional (Carte d'Identité, Identity card of national citizen) and Cartão de Cidadão (citizen card).
Rzeczpospolita Polska Dowód Osobisty (Republic of Poland Identity Card).
Romania Carte d'Identite (Carte de identitate, Identity card).
Slovakia Obciansky Preukaz (Identification Card).
Slovenia  Osebna Izkaznica (Identity Card).
Documento Nacional de Identidad (DNI).
Switzerland: Carte d'Identité Citoyen Suisse (Identitätskarte Schweizerbürger, Carta d'Identità Cittadino Svizzero). and Identitätskarte (Carte d'Identité, Carta d'Identità, Carta d'Identitad, Identity Card) issued after June 30th 199
Nationellt identitetskort (National Identity Card, Carte nationale d'identité).

Getting married in Iceland

The local District Commissioner (Syslumadur) will provide information on getting married in the relevant area of Iceland. The District Commissioner of the great capital area provides information on required documents here

Email gifting@syslumenn.is for further information.

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