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Jul 13, 2021Blá ör til hægriVisa to Iceland & Covid Restrictions
Mar 26, 2021Blá ör til hægriTraveling to Iceland
Nov 03, 2020Blá ör til hægriSuspension of Visa applications
Sep 01, 2020Blá ör til hægriThe Embassy of Iceland in London starts issuing Schengen visas for tourists to Iceland
Feb 08, 2019Blá ör til hægriAgreement reached on citizens‘ rights in case of a no-deal Brexit
Oct 29, 2018Blá ör til hægriWe are closed on 30 October
Jul 03, 2018Blá ör til hægriAmbassador of Iceland presents credentials to President Higgins
May 09, 2018Blá ör til hægriOpening hours in May
Mar 26, 2018Blá ör til hægriFacts about Down's syndrome and pre-natal screening in Iceland
Mar 14, 2018Blá ör til hægriEmbassy closed for Easter

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