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Human Rights and Equality
Equal Pay Certification
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27.11.2020  -   Prime Minister of Iceland addresses UNESCO High-Level Round Table on the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women
01.10.2020  -   Foreign Minister of Iceland addressed the UN General Assembly
01.10.2020  -   Prime Minister of Iceland addresses 25th anniversary meeting of the Beijing Women’s Conference
18.09.2020  -   An intergenerational dialogue on how diverse leadership can change the world for gender equality
11.09.2020  -   Call for action - International Equal Pay Day, 18 September
14.05.2020  -   Iceland jumps four spots on ILGA-Europe's Rainbow Europe Map and Index
21.02.2020  -   The Icelandic government seeks to lead an action coalition of the Generation Equality Forum
17.02.2020  -   Report on Iceland in the UN Human Rights Council
30.09.2019  -   Minister for Foreign Affairs addressed the UN General Assembly
16.09.2019  -   An International conference on #metoo will start tomorrow
11.07.2019  -   Iceland´s resolution on the situation in the Philippines approved in the UN Human Rights Council
24.06.2019  -   Iceland supports campaign for equal rights of LGBTI+ people
13.03.2018  -   The leaflet Women and Men in Iceland 2018
07.03.2018  -   The gender pay gap narrows
30.01.2018  -   Questions and Answers on equal pay certification
04.01.2018  -   New Icelandic law on Equal Pay Certification entered into force on January 1, 2018
25.01.2012  -   Parliamentary resolution on a four year gender equality action programme

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