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Hydro Power Plants

Nearly all electrical energy is produced by renewable energy resources, hydro (75,5%) or geothermal (24,5%).  Only in the islands, Grimsey and Flatey, which are not connected to the national grid, diesel generators are used for production of electricity, apart from minor production of electricity in diesel emergency generators.

All power stations larger than 1 MW must be connected to the national grid, but many owners of smaller stations feed electricity into the grid for sale.

Power stations connected to the national grid are shown on the map to the right. The National Power Company (Landsvirkjun) is the largest producer of electricity, which pro- duction amount to 12469 GWh or 75% of the total, followed by Reykjavik Energy, which production is 2138 GWh or 12% of the total. The third company, HS Orka, produces 1431 GWh corresponding to 9% of the total national production.

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