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About the Ministry of Finance ann Economic Affairs

The postal and visiting address of the Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs is:

The Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs
Arnarhvoli við Lindargötu
101 Reykjavik

Tel: (+354) 545-9200
E-mail: fjr[at]fjr.is

Reg. No. 550169-2829

Opening hours are daily from 8.30am - 4:00pm, Monday through Friday


The primary role of the Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs is to direct public finances and economic affairs. The Ministry is responsible for financial market issues, improving corporate governance and planning. It actively manages the state's human resources and takes the lead in improvements and innovation in central government operations.

The Minister heads its operations and is responsible for all the Ministry's administrative decisions.

The Permanent Secretary, acting under the Minister's authority, directs the functioning of the Ministry.

The Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs includes six departments, as shown in its organisational chart: the Minister's Secretariat, Administrative Department, Department of Economic Affairs, Department of Financial Services, Department of Fiscal Affairs, Department of Taxation and the Department of Public Management and Reform. The departments report to the Permanent Secretary.

A special section, Employment and Human Resources, is responsible for the state's human resources on behalf of the Minister.

The Icelandic government aims to make digital services the main means of communication between its agencies and the Icelandic people, as it can simplify processes for all. Digtial Iceland, operated by the ministry of finance and economic affairs works towords these goals across all ministries and government agencies.


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