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The Ministry of Finance's Mission, Goals, Values and Vision

The Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs oversees State finances and is a centre for innovation regarding government operations.

The ministry's staff provides professional and accountable advice to the government in its policy areas, and execute it by providing good services and information to the general public.


The Ministry's principle goals and operational targets are:

  • a stable economy and a good standard of living;
  • long-term treasury equilibrium;
  • an economical and efficient tax environment;
  • responsible and performance oriented management of state finances;
  • transparent government operations and an effective organisational structure;
  • State employment of staff of the highest quality, who operate in a conducive work environment;
  • delivery by the Ministry of a reliable service with the emphasis on professional work.


The Ministry's staff show initiative and professionalism in their daily work, and are performance-oriented.


Staff show initiative in their work. This promotes innovation, open discussion and a progressive and flexible work environment. We emphasise commitment and broadmindedness and are ready to respond promptly to changing circumstances.


Staff employ trustworthy and reliable work procedures, creating a climate of trust in all operational fields. This is based principally on co-operation and the unrestricted flow of information between members of staff. Through the acquisition of knowledge, more systematic staff development and powerful information systems, we promote professionalism and quality.


Staff attach great importance to efficiency and purpose in their work in order to attain maximum performance. To this end, we set clear targets and provide well-defined work schedules, followed by performance measurement and staff appraisals.


  • The Ministry of Finance aims to increase the competitiveness of the Icelandic community and work towards improving the nation's standard of living.
  • The Ministry of Finance aims to be an arena for new ideas and methods in the operation of government.
  • The Ministry of Finance aims to be a sought after workplace with a capable and well-educated staff.
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