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Icelandic Tourist Board

The Icelandic Tourist Board is an independent authority under the Ministry of Industries and Innovation. Its activities are regulated through the Tourism Administration Act, with the overall authority in the hands of the Minister of Tourism, Industries and Innovation.

The main tasks of the Icelandic Tourist Board are the following:

  • registering and issueing operation licences for travel agencies, tour operators, booking services and information centers and monitoring that the requirements for operations are met;
  • running Vakinn, the official quality and environmental system for Icelandic tourism;
  • regional development, including the development of Destination Management Plans in all regions of the country and coordinating the tourist information system;
  • environmental issues such as running the Tourist Site Protection Fund;
  • distributing information;
  • co-operating with other entities in the field of tourism.

The Icelandic Tourist Board has also been active in tourism data gathering.

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