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Women of Multicultural Ethnicity Network – W.O.M.E.N. in Iceland

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Gender Equality

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Intersectional Feminism
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W.O.M.E.N. in Iceland

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Our main goal is to advocate for the rights of women of foreign origin in the labor market, in the justice and immigration system, in health and welfare systems, through assisting with getting educational validation and attaining equal access to education in Iceland. With the coming of #MeToo we have vastly increased our efforts in combating gender violence. As we are a nongovernmental organization we rely on volunteer efforts and collaborative projects. We offer peer counseling and free courses funded through various grants which we are fortunate enough to receive.

Our association was founded on October 24, 2003, with the object of uniting, creating awareness and addressing the interests and issues of women of foreign origin living in Iceland in order to bring about genuine equality for them as women and as foreigners in all areas of society.


W.O.M.E.N in Iceland can offer advice regarding our ‘best practices’ in working with marginalized women of foreign origin living in Iceland. We can share information regarding projects we have worked within our sixteen-year tenure here in Iceland. We have worked with various issues from creating social links and networks so women of foreign origin do not become isolated, through various projects for sharing culture and bridging socio-cultural gaps in society. We have primarily focused our efforts in recent years to inform, support and empower women of foreign origin in all areas of society. We have increased cooperative work with institutions and organizations in combating gender-based violence and discrimination against minorities.


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