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International Development Cooperation

International development cooperation is an integral part of Iceland's foreign policy. The Strategy for International Development Cooperation focuses on the promotion of human rights and gender  equality, peace and security, as well as the fight against poverty, social injustice, disparity in living conditions and hunger. It furthermore attempts to ensure internal coherence in Iceland's foreign policy with regards to global economic, environmental and security matters. 

The overarching objective of Iceland's international development cooperation is to reduce poverty and hunger and promote general well-being on the basis of human rights, gender equality, and sustainable development.

Adhering to a professional, and systematic, approach is necessary for optimum outcomes and ensure that development cooperation renders sustainable results. It is also important that the allocation of ODA complies with strict requirements of transparency, efficiency and integrity. Iceland´s Policy for International Development Cooperation 2019-2023 stipulates focus areas and objectives, implementation, and efficiency and results.

Iceland’s development cooperation focuses on areas in which Iceland’s expert knowledge can be applied in the fight against poverty and in reaching the SDGs. Iceland actively contributes to combatting extreme poverty and hunger, and works to ensure that increased prosperity of communities benefits the poorest people and enhances equality. Special emphasis is on support to the most fragile and least developed states, as well as the promotion of peace at the international level.

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