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FKA – Association of Women Business Leaders in Iceland

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Gender Equality

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Empowering Women
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FKA – Association of Women Business Leaders in Iceland

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The objectives of FKA:

 To ally women business leaders in order to empower them and draw attention to them in the business world and in the society.

 To encourage the exchange of ideas and knowledge and sharing of experiences, both national and international, between its members.

 To promote business between FKA women.

 To promote exchanges, relationships and development of national and international contacts aimed at reinforcing partnerships and access to new markets.

 To encourage FKA women to use all possible means in order to re-educate themselves and be aware of all the latest developments which may effect the operation of their business. 

 To make FKA business women a respected target group in the society for opinions, comments and guidance.

 Give attention to successful and exemplary businesses and companies.


Role of FKA:


 Promote positives changes in relation to women gender equality.

 Promote business relations.

 Serve the role as an observer in the Icelandic society.


FKA is a non-profit professional network for female Icelandic business leaders. It was founded in april 1999 and it´s core purpose is to support women to manage and grow their business. FKA is looking for partners to collaborate on projects that include women‘s empowerment, women in rural areas, women in remote areas, and also for collaborators in our social change projects on women as board members, women in media and leadership equality. We welcome all proposals.

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