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The National Film Archive of Iceland

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Þóra Sigríður Ingólfsdóttir

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The National Film Archive of Iceland is a public service institution that deals with the preservation of film culture by collecting, documenting and preserving films and related material. The Archive researches Icelandic film culture and publishes studies in this field. The director of The National Film Archive is Þóra Ingólfsdóttir. You can enter the website of The National Film Archive here (Icelandic only) here https://kvikmyndasafn.is/


The archives collection consists of about 140.000 items, most of them are still analogue in all kinds of formats. The archive is planning to digitize the material in the next five to ten years and prioritize material in danger, such as U-Matic but scan films at the same time. This is absolutely necessary and the process needs to be planned and started very soon. A more precise timeframe will be set as soon as we can measure the beginning of the process and flow.

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