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We offer multidisciplinary engineering consultancy worldwide, expanding all fields of engineering and project management:

  • Energy production and transmission: Verkís is a leader in the field of consultancy and design for eco-friendly energy production and has played an important part in development of such power generation in Iceland. The company has participated as the chief designer of most hydropower and geothermal plants built in Iceland. In addition to our local expertise, we have also provided wide-ranging consultancy in numerous hydropower and geothermal projects internationally.
  • Environment and safety: Providing enterprises, individuals, institutions, and municipalities with comprehensive service and advice on environmental and safety issues. The service includes analysing and assessing environmental impact, monitoring the impact of industrial operations, and producing plans for the planning and protection of designated areas.
  • Transport and infrastructure: With emphasis on providing clients with good, all-round consultancy on every possible area of transport and planning. Our service consists of coordinating plans with strategic spatial plans, assessments of project impact, plans for noise emission and other environmental factors, profitability assessments, and assessments of the impact on transport options and traffic safety.
  • Utilities: For decades, Verkís has carried out projects of all types and sizes in the water and heating utilities field, both for public and private entities. In addition to the services the company offers, it can also provide advice on utility plant construction, pumping stations, storage tanks, main pipelines, and other utilities construction.
  • Building: We can provide clients who commission construction projects, property owners, and contractors with all the technical consultancy services associated with civil engineering projects – from the preparatory stage to the completed structure.
  • Project management: In cooperation with the client, Verkís approaches each project-management job individually, based on the nature and requirements of each assignment.
  • Telecommunications and information systems: Offering diverse services relating to telecommunications and information technology. Telecommunications are a key factor in modern society and an essential aspect of most business and government operations. Numerous elements must be taken into account in designing these systems, including security, reliability, and possibilities to modify and upgrade systems.
  • Industry: Verkís' industrial services division specialises in one-stop engineering services for the set-up of manufacturing enterprises and offers a wide range of production-oriented technological consultancy services for industrial enterprises.


We are open to discuss any projects that include sustainable solutions and require technical implementation, engineering or management.

Topics: Engineering consultancy, Geothermal energy, Hydropower, Certification for sustainability, Waste management, Circular solutions, Sustainable infrastructure, Life cycle analysis, Sustainable energy, Blue-green solutions, Smart city, BIM, Project management

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