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Knowledge Policy

- Knowledge, information and connections -


The Ministry of Finance aims at maintaining and ensuring knowledge for the future in the areas of its ministerial responsibility. Furthermore, the Ministry aims at effective communication of, utilisation of and access to knowledge and information within the Ministry.

Achieving this should contribute to a good working environment, where the abilities of personnel are utilised to the Ministry's benefit and it is recognised for sound and effective public administration.

management area Human resources - knowledge Organisational resources - information Communications resources - connections
performance factors A good working environment, increased education to the advantage of the Ministry and its personnel Directed registering, storage and communication of the Ministry's information assets Good relations and closer connections with the parties with whom the Ministry currently interacts
objectives - to introduce performance management within the Ministry of Finance and between the Ministry and its institutions,
- to improve formal relations in the workplace,
- to develop goal-oriented continuing education and training of recruits
- to systematically record employee knowledge,
- to increase dissemination of knowledge,
- to record and improve work procedures,
- to ensure the preservation of information,
- to increase the dissemination of information within the Ministry,
- to take advantage of the possibilities of e-government
- to facilitate access to information from the Ministry,
- to ensure equal treatment in handling of issues


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