Hoppa yfir valmynd


One of the first things most travellers to Iceland notice is the scarcity of forests in the landscape. Forests and woodlands cover around 1.9% of the country. The main objective of Iceland's forestry efforts is to create a diverse forest resource. A great number of farmers and other landowners carry out forestry work with state support, in part, for wood production and the creation of shelter on their farmlands. In many areas of Iceland local forestry associations have planted forests for outdoor leisure which the general public can enjoy. Most of these activities contribute directly to employment and regional settlement.

A wide variety of research and development work is carried out in the field of forestry, e.g. in plant breeding, as well as educational work both in public institutions and local forestry associations throughout Iceland.

The Icelandic Forestry Service is responsible for forestry issues in Iceland and for caring for its forests, such as the forests Hallormstaðaskógur and Vaglaskógur. The Forestry Service's most extensive project is forestation of farmlands, providing support for forestry work by farmers and other landowners.

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