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Partnership opportunities in Iceland - Gender Equality

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Gender equality is an important value underpinning the EEA Grants and a priority issue for the Icelandic Government.  In this partner database you will find concept ideas and examples of best practice projects from Icelandic organisations with expertise and interest in bilateral cooperation on gender equality. Such partnership projects may be eligible for funding under the EEA grants, e.g. through the ACF funds.

For project promoters from the Beneficiary States: Kindly contact your National Focal Point or the respective Programme Operator in your country for further information on the process or funding opportunities.

For Icelandic organisations:  For registration in the database, kindly contact [email protected].

NameTypeTopicSub TopicsShort description
City of Reykjavik: Human Rights and Democracy OfficeMunicipality/regional entityGender EqualityGender Based Violence,
Intersectional Feminism
The project Together Against Violence is in cooperation with the Metropolitan Police Department, the Women’s Shelter in Iceland and the Health Centres in the Capital Area. The focus of the project to fight domestic violence by using a multi-agency approach.
City of Reykjavik: The Department of Finance and Risk Management and the Human Rights and Democracy OfficeMunicipality/regional entityGender EqualityGender Budgeting,
Gender Mainstreaming
Gender budgeting is a governing tool used to ensure the fair distribution of goods and assets according the specific needs of different groups of people.
Evris foundationPrivate companyGender EqualityEmpowering WomenEvris Foundation specializes in working on EEA Grants projects. Evris Foundation is an Icelandic non-profit private foundation founded to enable the sharing of knowledge and experience with other European countries and enhance cooperation in various sectors between entities in those countries
Exedra Private companyGender EqualityEmpowering WomenEXEDRA is a professional forum for discussion for prominent women leaders in Icelandic society, inclusive of all economic sectors and political parties. Within the group are current and former Ministers and other political leaders, ambassadors, business leaders, women from the arts, sciences, media and NGOs
FKA – Association of Women Business Leaders in IcelandNon-governmental organizationGender EqualityEmpowering Women,
Women in the Workplace
FKA is a non-profit professional network for female Icelandic business leaders. It was founded in april 1999 and it´s core purpose is to support women to manage and grow their business.
Girls Rock! Iceland Non-governmental organizationGender EqualityEmpowering WomenStelpur rokka! (Girls Rock! Iceland) is a volunteer-run non-profit organization founded in 2012. We work to empower girls, trans boys, gender queer and intersex youth through music. Our core programming focuses on the rock camp.
IceFemIn - Icelandic Feminist InitiativeNon-governmental organizationGender EqualityEmpowering Women,
Feminist Activism
IceFemIn offers talks, workshops, seminars, participation in conferences, consultations and assistance with developing strategies and strengthening women’s movements and co-organizing different kinds of events. Our purpose is to empower women, inspire them and encourage them to improve their situation and development in the society towards gender equality.
Icelandic Assocation of Local AuthoritiesMunicipality/regional entityGender EqualityEmpowering Women,
Gender Education,
Gender Mainstreaming,
Women in the Workplace
Gender mainstreaming in municipal schools, pre-schools and sport and leisure activities for children and youth. Establishing gender equality plans. Sharing experience on participation of women in politics at the local level. Combating sexual harassment at the workplace. Equal pay management systems.
Icelandic Women’s Rights Association (IWRA)Non-governmental organizationGender EqualityFeminist Activism,
Gender Education
The Icelandic Women's Rights Association offers an introduction via talks, seminars or participation in conferences to feminist activism and the effective strategies of civil societies in driving social change, based on best practices and lessons learned by the Icelandic women's movement in the past decades
Kara Connect – A digital workstation for professionals in Health, Education and WelfarePrivate companyGender EqualityEmpowering Women,
Gender Based Violence
Kara Connect is an online GDPR secure workstation for professionals in Health, Education and Welfare. It is designed to relief professionals helping others of all kinds of administrative and security issues and at the same time give them added time and value in their practices as well as opportunities to scale their services.
MaskinaPrivate companyGender EqualityWomen in the WorkplaceThe Gender Barometer is an employee survey that assesses the status of gender equality in the workplace through collection of the experiences and attitudes of employees.
Ministry for Foreign Affairs with UN Women IcelandState agencyGender EqualityMen for Gender EqualityA Barbershop Conferance to be organized in the respective recipient countries. The Government of Iceland has sperheaded a dialogue, conferences, the so called Barbershops, where the aim is to raise awareness among men, to stress their role, responsibilities as well as opportunities. Its purpose is to motivate “men and boys to commit to upholding gender equality.”
Mundo travel and international consultingPrivate companyGender EqualityEmpowering Women,
Gender Education,
Gender Mainstreaming
Mundo offers its expertise to design and organize seminars/workshops/trainings for leadership, professors and diversity officers within the academic settings about an intercultural and inclusive organizational culture
The Association on Women’s Menopause Non-governmental organizationGender EqualityEmpowering WomenThe Association on Women‘s Menopause was founded in 2013 by Icelandic women interested in social, psychological, cultural and physical changes on women during menopause. We have a very active facebook group where over five thousand women share articles, opinions and thoughts about this period of change in their lives. We have celebrated conferences on the subject, made videos and a homepage.
The Icelandic Human Rights Centre (ICEHR)Non-governmental organizationGender EqualityGender Based ViolenceThe ICEHR provides education programmes to enhance understanding of concepts such as gender-based violence and violence against women and girls (VAWG). These programmes include lectures, case-studies, monitoring, strategy building, situation testing etc
The Metropolitan Police in ReykjavikState agencyGender EqualityGender Based ViolenceThe Metropolitan Police in Reykjavík has sysematically changed its approach and handling of Domestic Violence cases. We have also changed our approach towards teenages who run away from home, with good results.
The Women’s Counselling (WC)Non-governmental organizationGender EqualityGender Based Violence,
Human Rights
Through long lasting experience, the Women’s Counselling provides expert knowledge regarding equal rights as human rights, violence against women and girls, women entrepreneurship and various legal and social work issues. Advice on the founding, organization and operation of a volunteer NGO is also provided.
The Women’s Shelter (WS)Non-governmental organizationGender EqualityGender Based ViolenceThe Women’s Shelter in Iceland is the only Shelter of its kind in Iceland. It provides women and their children a shelter when staying at their own home is not safe or possible due to violence.
United Nations University Gender Equality Studies and Training Programme (GRÓ-GEST) Research Institute/UniversityGender EqualityGender Budgeting,
Gender Education,
Gender Mainstreaming,
Men for Gender Equality
The GEST programme offers short courses as a part of its academic programme which are specialized trainings catered to the needs of professionals in different fields and can be offered on site, and tailored to the need of the organization/institution
Women of Multicultural Ethnicity Network – W.O.M.E.N. in IcelandNon-governmental organizationGender EqualityIntersectional FeminismW.O.M.E.N in Iceland can offer advice regarding our ‘best practices’ in working with marginalized women of foreign origin living in Iceland. We can share information regarding projects we have worked within our sixteen-year tenure here in Iceland.

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